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Welcome to Archmaille Designs!  We are glad that you have chosen to browse our inventory.  This online shop has been up and running since 2006, with some time in between when we experimented with artist markets like Etsy.  It has been decided that for our copper and silver wares the online shop here is probably best to focus on, we'll still keep a low presence on some artist markets, but our main focus will be here and local art fairs.  Doing so helps me to continue to make unique jewelry, without the expense of listing each unique jewelry piece individually and paying a fee for doing so like some markets charge.

sterling silver chainmail jewelry

Cody Sortore owner of Archmaille Designs first started his passion in 2000 making chainmaille goods, and wire wrapped cross necklaces.  Since then his skills as an artist and repertoire of abilities has grown.  We primarily make copper and silver goods, with minor leather works mostly to finish off jewelry pieces. The copper work has expanded beyond just chainmail into hand hammered copper bowls, and castings.  Most of the silver work is still in chainmail jewelry, with a smattering of silver castings done in delft clay.  You can read more about our story on our about us page!

Thank you,
Cody Sortore
Artisan ~ Silversmith ~ Owner ~ Operator - Archmaille Designs silver and copper works

handmade silver chainmail jewelry

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Showing 1–12 of 52 results