So excited!

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I am so excited about the work I’ve done for YourVacuumGuy! For the first time in the history of ever, it has a functional blog! Okay, so what is so exciting about a blog, because everybody has one, and you’re writing on one now… true… all true. But This blog is WordPress and someone else wrote the code for it, being that YourVacuumGuy is a custom site that I built I wanted the blog to be seamless, so I wrote the code for it myself! It’s very basic compared to what WordPress and others offer, but it will do for now!

Taking some time to move about!

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Okay, we’re moving to a new server over the next couple of days, the idea is to be able to better serve you. We’re getting a better server to handle the traffic we get. Anyways, the move will take some time as I have a lot of sites to transfer. I’m doing so alphabetically though, so this one will be one of the first to move, likely tonight!

Depression is an ugly beast!

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I’m finally getting through my sites… I’ve done some coding and updating to several of my sites recently. But, now going through and updating sites I just realized some of these sites (this one included) haven’t been updated since May! I know that I go through cycles, and losing the store on this site discouraged me highly from updating things here.

Anyways, I need to do another round of updating my blogs to get the interwebs back together. It is necessary to put up weekly blog entries here and on all of my other blogs for a month or so. Nothing terribly relevant here… just saying… lots of more work needs to be done, and it’s sad that nothing has been done for so long, as it will make my job now a bit more difficult.

The sun goes down!

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Out society of constant encouragement has a lot of sayings about how things will get better… “The night is always darkest just before dawn.”, “The sun will rise again on another day.” etc. These are silly anecdotes based on natural cycles that happen day in, and day out (literally) without the need of ever giving it any thought. However, we either forget, or choose to ignore, that it is a cycle, and without the cycle new life would not be possible. That cycle dictates that while things may get better… they will also certainly get worse. This cycle is necessary for everything, it is necessary for the cold chill of winter in order that the grape vine bears fruit the next year, it is necessary that the sun sets at night so that we do not get scorched by its powerful rays. The cycle dictates our lives, because this world is full of sin, it is necessary that we experience evil in order that we may understand grace. The cycle even dictates society,

Life is a constant cycle of life and death. Our bodies, our minds, and our souls must experience this cycle of life and death… we must experience the cycle individually, and collectively as a society.

The beauty of a new keyboard!

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Well I’ve got a new keyboard, that’s good since my old one was having binding issues, and therefore a new one was needed. Having a working keyboard again is great… the fact that this one is a mechanical switch keyboard is even better… the fact that I got it for the price of a membrane keyboard, is well amazing. Anyways this is great and all, but I don’t have much of anything else to talk about. I need practice time working on this keyboard, for a number of reasons, first off being mechanical the keys have a very different feel… it’s good but still going to take some getting used to. Then I’ve used my Logitech Wave keyboard for so long that it’s odd using a straight keyboard, maybe one day I will take a mechanical switch keyboard and hybrid it with the Logitech Wave… best of both worlds may be made :-P It may not work out so well I’m not the best craftsman when it comes to delicate electronics schtuff. I’ve suffered through several membrane keyboards because the ergonomics were desireable… it was a trade off… comfortable keystrokes, vs comfortable hand positions. We’ll have to see how things turn out, I’ll be using this one for some time… and unless my son spills something on it I cannot imagine wearing this one out… so I may have to one day build my hybrid keyboard to get the best of both worlds, see if that satisfies everything we desire in a grand keyboard.


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Well I have a headache, and my keyboard is acting up… so as you can imagine I really don’t want to be on here typing. But on the other hand I do need to get something on here and there is never a better time than now! I gotta dig a couple holes in the back yard… the rain has made that an easy goal! get this done in spring before things go crazy right? Well, it’ll be an ongoing task since it’s Bokashi that I am burying and there will be new bokashi every time a new bucket is filled up. I’m trying to hold off until my Azomite arrives, then I’ll bury one 5 gallon bucket of bokashi between the vines with 2lbs of bokashi and 1/4 brick of coconut coir! that way the soil will be extremely fertile with all the various nutrients of Azomite, the nitrogen and probiotics of bokashi, and the water retention/aeration that come with coir. Plus it’ll be deep in the ground so only the vines will benefit, the cover grass won’t get in the way. One day I would like to fence in the back yard, get rid of that grass and replace it with clover… then nitrogen from the air would be added to the soil for the vines ;-)

Personal Injury Claims Made Easy

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Is this for real?

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Okay, so I had a huge spike in traffic this weekend in all the places that it matters… Well, not all the places, here’s the weird thing, we had a good spike, but it appears that there was no spike at all… the logs that would justify my supposed spike, according to my advertisements… well that log isn’t there. Therefore I truly have no idea where the spike came from, or if it is even real. I have been trying to replicate said spike, but it doesn’t seem to want to happen again, which again says to me that it probably never existed to begin with. Anyways, last ditch attempt, I published to this blog that day I have the fantom spike that may or may not be real. Gonna publish here again and see if there is some sort of magical properties floating around here. Should help that I’ve published to several other blogs all week long, this is going to be the last one for a while since the actual traffic of things doesn’t seem to change even when I pick things up… strange… I’ll never understand internet marketing even though I’ve been doing this for years :-P

About time we roll through here

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Just rolling through here on my way through my blogs. One update a day should be good for a little while… then later I’ll have to put it through the paces. Once we hit another weekend, I know I’m working through this one… but once we hit another weekend I’ll skip it, and maybe do three updates a day from there starting the next week. Who knows, maybe I won’t even be up for the whole process, but I really should try, it’d be nice to work off the sludge of all my sites, which of course can only be done through a very long daily update process. I’ve got a good hunch that I’d have to roll through the updates for several months before we really saw the necessary updates that we must have.

Throwing in for a round

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Okay, well, I definitely need to throw in a few posts. I’ve been lacking posts for a long while, but I’ve not really got the motivation for myself to get things back on track. I may get all of my blogs up to date, at least for about a week or so, and then I gotta get Kansas City LAN Party all updated and rolling smoothly. Maybe I’ll have more motivation once I’ve got my barley grass growing and juicing :-P anyways, it would also help if I could get over this sickness… I’ve planted some spearmint, and stevia that I could also juice for that added flavor, and some extra nutrients. But yeah, I really gotta get this post done. I’ll have to get a few other things in at some point in time, but who knows when that will be or what will come of it.