Welcome Friends!

Hello, a few years ago I had a server crash that lost the shopping cart I had set up here for my chainmail jewelry. Being that our son was young and most of my sharp, burning, spinning and just plain dangerous tools were already packed away so he could not get to them I put the jewelry business on hold. I will eventually set up another shopping cart here that will allow you to order custom jewelry and medallions easier, but for now I have moved all operations to my Archmaille Designs Etsy Shop. Being that I am busy getting my tools set up and a good sized stock of jewelry made again, it is just easier to have them handle the web stuff for now.

I am currently focusing on building up a good sized stock of copper jewelry. Before shutting operations down my primary focus was copper arthritis jewelry, and I am getting back to that now with magnetic beads. I have also expanded my business to include castings, medallions, and handmade copper clasps for my fellow jewellers as I was not able to find pure copper clasps from anyone.

Thank you,
Cody Sortore