Copper Queens Chain Bracelet with Oval Magnetic Hematite Beads

Magnetic Therapy Copper Queens Chain Bracelet with Oval Magnetic Hematite Beads


Therapeutic bracelets don’t have to be ugly.  This gorgeous handmade piece will set you apart from the mass produced varieties.  In my opinion the thin hand woven chain is far more comfortable than traditional cuff style copper bracelets that don’t conform to your body.

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Product Description

An elegant chain pattern divided with beautiful oval magnetic hematite beads.


Copper has been used for centuries for its healing and medicinal properties. Being a natural anti-microbial that is listed by the US EPA for its ability to destroy many germs and viruses (including, but not limited to: MRSA, Ebola, E. Coli, C. Diff) copper jewelry is a practical jewelry for professionals that handle or are around an excess of germs, but should keep clean. Professions such as Nurses (like my awesome wife!), cooks, and teachers that get more than their fair share of daily germ exposure. Copper has also been used in therapy for arthritic patients. With coppers ability to absorb through the skin a copper bracelet is a great way to help ease your arthritis pain.

But who says practical can’t be beautiful? I’ve added super strong magnetic twisted hematite beads to break up the copper tones, and give the bracelet the added bonus of magnetic therapeutic effects.

Handmade hammered toggle clasps

For years I tried finding solid copper clasps to use with my jewelry, to no avail. Even several items I purchased years ago simply being sold as copper turned out to be copper plated pewter, which faded over time exposing the silvery metal underneath. I finally went about making my own copper clasps, hand forged and tool hardened they came out as their own little pieces of art.

Welded rings

You’ve probably seen a lot of chainmail jewelry around the internet. It is a very easy trade to get into, the techniques and patterns used are thousands of years old. And with the internet, good information on how to create your own chainmail jewelry can be found with simple searches. What you won’t find very often is jewelry made this way with welded rings, especially copper jewelry. Because of coppers very conductive nature it can be difficult to weld as it dissipates energy very quickly. I have developed a technique that allows me to weld these copper rings making for a very strong piece of jewelry that you do not have to worry about it falling apart because it gets snagged on something. Also, welded rings give a smoother surface, with less to get snagged than your typical butted ring chainmail jewelry piece.


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